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About Me

~Hello my name is Michelle ,Thank you so very much for visiting AutumnCreekSoyettes.com ~


~First off let me explain one of my true passions for walking into a home or a place of business and smelling a beautiful scented atmosphere .

That uplifts your spirits and senses.

~~I always had a dream of opening up my very own candle store and making beautiful aroma's of my very own and to share this with other's.

~~~Well as you can see my new adventure begins,and I am so very excited!

~~~~For people that don't know what a Soyette is,it is other wise known as Wax melt's or Tart's.

I named mine the proper name of Soyettes because the very fact I am using pure soy wax.

~~~~~My Soyettes are hand poured . I use the highest quality oils and infuse different key notes of scents to make incredible long lasting scents.All my ingredients are natural and Eco friendly right down to my containers they are poured into.

~~~~~~I love the fact you have an option with my soyettes to not use a flame. Much safer and also does not release soot and toxins in the air.

I carry a wide variety of warmers that plug in . I have different colors and sizes to fit individuals own taste.

~~~~~~~Hopefully I can bring some great scents and shine into your day!

~~~~~~~~If you have any question's or concern's please feel free to email @ AutumnCreek21@aol.com or call me @ (732)330-2215


Why Soy?

Great question!

Soy wax is derived from soy bean oil,made of 100%natural resources.Which in turn help support the American farmers.The soyettes I make also burn cooler,creating longer and stronger scents.

Soy wax is 100% biodegrable.


~~~Shine On Always~~~